Binkie Takes the Stage

The day we brought Binkie home. Nervous little thing she was!

Since I’ve started this blog with rather sad news (the loss of Twinkie) I thought I’d share more information about our current reviewing rat, Binkie, Twinkie’s sister. She’s still going strong, but I fear she’ll get lonely. Don’t worry, I’m constantly playing with her!

Binkie with her slightly boss-eyed look. A cutie!

I have contemplated getting more rats immediately to keep her company, but Binkie has never been very brave or adventurous and has always followed in her sister’s footsteps – the safe way. If ever there is a rat that might not mix well, it’s her.

Looking older and wrinkly now…


She’s not keen on hanging things, like hammocks, sleeves or toy tunnels. If going anywhere around the rat palace, she chooses the sensible route, by the stairs, keeping her feet firmly on the ground where possible.

All she seems to want to do is sleep. I know she’s old, but I worry she misses Twinkie. I will keep a close eye on her.


What makes me laugh is that Binkie’s a complete hoarder and food stasher. So much so, I have to watch what she eats, because when the food all disappears I cannot assume she’s eaten it all. It’s bound to be uncovered later when I go to clean the cage out. Not good for fresh food.  So I tend to watch her eat to make sure she’s eaten enough, which is easier now, she’s alone.

Plus, if things go missing, you can guarantee Binkie has found a home for it, whether it’s hers or not!

Just one of Binkie’s stashes.

Bendy Head

Binkie also earned herself the nickname, Bendy Head. I know, not very flattering, but it’s her all over. I didn’t realise it at the time, but not long after we brought Binkie home I noticed she held her head at a funny angle. Turns out she was either born like that, or may have even had a small stroke, and has learnt how to cope with her disfigurement in order to keep her balance , so she doesn’t keep falling over. We used to think she was just clumsy.

It’s why, I think, she plays safe all the time and doesn’t chance things that suspend or swing, like hammocks and sleeves. Bless her!

Snapped munching away!

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