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Hi! I’m Sassy Brit, and welcome to Rodent Reviews!

Here I’ll be sharing news, views and reviews of my ratties, with plenty of pictures to ooh and aah over, too.

About me:

I’ve been an Amazon Vine Reviewer for years, and although I’m fairly well known in book circles with a book reviews and promos blog, called Alternative-Read.com, I actually review all sorts of things, but never really thought to share my ‘other reviews’ anywhere else.  Until now.

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However, I’m guessing, as you have come directly here, you’re a like-minded rat lover interested in my ratty news and reviews, and don’t want to be trawling through all my other guff to find them. Hence this blog, where I can share my love for these adorable little creatures, knowing I am amongst other cool rat lovers who will not only share my rodent fascination, but understand what intelligent, irresistible pets they make.

Plus, at least for me, this rattie realm with double up as my rat diary. I’ve had so many rats over the years I hate to say it, but I find it hard to remember them all in detail. With this blog, I will no longer have that problem. And I kind a like that idea. Creating memories to treasure.

About the Reviewing Rats:

So, welcome, once again to my own little rattie world, and allow me to introduce you to the gang.



Twinkie: (Below)

Added: Sadly today, Friday 28th April 2017, my rat gang just got smaller. So here’s a picture of Twinkie, so you can see how cute she was. Sigh. I still can’t believe she’s gone. She grew into one of the biggest, most confident rats I have ever owned.


Twinkie R.I.P 28.3.2015 (approx) – 28.4.2017

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